Simple, digital and interactive. A manifesto.

  • Simple.

    Simple is better than complex
    We create simple digital products because the world is already complex enough as it is. Less is more data from your mobile rate for you.
  • Digital.

    We only create digital experiences
    We make websites, phone applications, social media campaigns and online content. We can work in centimeters and inches but we prefer bits and pixels.
  • Interactive.

    Prototypes, not presentations
    We don't present our projects in PowerPoint. We create prototypes so you have a real digital experience. PowerPoint and Yoko Ono are to blame for everything .
  • Pixels.

    We love pixels
    We are obsessed with working on pixel. All our designs are unique for every project. From the selection of fonts and colour palettes to the icons and images.
  • Bits.

    Programmming is writing poetry
    We always work in open code. We have the same love for our code lines than for the pixels from our images.