The eccentricity of the (5106) Mortensen asteroid

The (5106) Mortensen is an asteroid belonging to the belt of asteroids, discovered on the 19th of February of 1987 by Poul Jensen from the Brorfelde Observatory in Holbæk, Denmark. Provisionally designated as 1987 DJ.,it was named Mortensen in homage to Inger Mortensen, aunt of the astronomer Karl Augustesen, observer of Brorfelde.

Mortensen is located at an average distance from the Sun of 3.019 AU, being able to move away until 2.642 AU. It’s eccentricity is 0,124 and it’s orbital inclination is 10.86 degrees. It takes 1916.53 days to complete an orbit around the Sun. Mortensen’s absolute magnitude is 12.2, it has a diameter of 14.481km and it’s albedo is estimated at 0.141.

At Mortensen we like the idea of looking at things with distance, getting close and moving away without prefixed orbits and with galactic eccentricity. The name Mortensen is a homage to this small rock, to Inger Mortensen and to all of our aunts.