Borges is a Catalan business group based in Tàrrega dedicated to the marketing of olive oil, nuts and derivatives. It is currently present in more than 105 countries and is the most widely distributed oil brand in the world.

Mortensen was commissioned to design and develop a new web ecosystem for the brand, capable of growing quickly and easily to serve the different subsidiaries that the group has around the world.

  • design
  • UX

The design of the new Borges websites had to convey the same values as the brand: quality, tradition, proximity, innovation… At the same time, emphasizing the care of nature and healthy eating.

For this reason, the web uses soft tones, reminiscent of the earth, combined with the corporate red as the color of emphasis and background illustrations, with a handmade style.

The central axis of the new websites is the content, which is why specific templates have been designed for cooking recipes, blog posts and promotions, along with a categorization and relationship system that favor cross-browsing by users.

The entire website is integrated with the company’s CRM systems, which serve to store data on participation in promotions, contact, and other information entry points. In addition, to facilitate user identification, the website has a Facebook social login.

Typographies and colors

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