Espai Cràter is the center of reference in volcanoes, science and society in La Garrotxa, Catalonia. The project aims to be a meeting point for the educational, social and scientific community.

Located inside the Puig del Roser volcano, it has a fully interactive exhibition, designed for all ages.

Olot City Council relied on Mortensen to design and develop the website for this new facility, which must be able to meet the needs of such a diverse audience in the area.

  • design
  • UX

The design and animations on Espai Cràter’s website are inspired by the contours of elevation of topographic maps and use resources with organic shapes to harmonize with the uniqueness of the location of the space, within the Puig del Roser volcano.

Chalk red, a maroon garnet red, is the hue used as the primary color. It is an unsaturated color and pleasing to the eye.

At the time of designing the website, we wanted to associate it with those volcanic tonalities. For this reason, we choose a chromatic range that fits the territory of La Garrotxa and its volcanic environment.

Tipography and colors

Project's website