Arne Thing Mortensen: perception, language and simplicity

At Mortensen we dedicate ourselves to communication and language in the most vast sense of the terms. The textual, audiovisual and gestural languages form part of the inter-personal communication and the person-computer communication. We also like philosophy, getting to know the why of things.

It is in this sense that the work of the danish philosopher Arne Thing Mortensen has an immense influence in Mortensen’s philosophy.

His text “Some Problems in Describing Complex Actions” (1986) inspired us to search for simplicity when it comes to creating experiences in digital surroundings: if a person-computer interaction is too complex, it does not work. We like the simple, direct and essential things. This is the thesis behind Arne Thing Mortensen’s influential text.

Mortensen’s other foundational text—ours and professor Mortensen’s— is his essay of 1972 about perception and languages Perception Og Sprog. Et Filosofisk Essay”. A profound text about how we perceive reality through the different languages and how the use of languages creates realities.

At Mortenen we create digital realities with interactive languages based on simplicity. We share our philosophy with professor Arne Thing Mortensen and since 2008, the name also, in his honour.