Richard Mortensen: The Linien™ method of experiences design

Richard Mortensen

Richard Mortensen (Copenhaguen, 1910 – Ejby, Denmark, 1993) was one of the pioneers of abstract art in Denmark. At the beginning of the 1930s he travelled to Berlin where he got interested in Kandinsky and Joan Miró, the influence of whom would later take him to the Bauhaus movements, constructivism and surrealism.

Mortensen’s spontaneous painting, halfway between abstraction and figuration, will evolve with time into more racional, rigorous and geometrical constructions. The artist combined his pictorial work with an important graphic work that took him to found one of the references of modern design: “Linien” magazine (the line)

The name of our study, Mortensen, is our little homage to this master. Our creative process when it comes to creating a digital experience starts with conceptual abstraction, that can eventually reach surrealism. From here, and in a spiral development process , we make successive approximations more rational each time, rigorous and geometrical in the final design. It’s what we at Mortensen call the Linen™ method of digital experiences design.